Specialty Programs

All Access Day

Your all access day is exactly what it sounds like: an in-depth, all day, in-person session where we focus on food! We’ll look at your kitchen and give it a healthy makeover. We’ll figure out a food shopping plan that fits your busy lifestyle. I’ll give you simple, healthy and delicious recipes to try at home. We’ll cook together. I’ll give you tips for eating out and staying on track. And we will figure out your triggers and what causes your cravings, and then give you tools to help you move beyond the cravings!

Our day will start with my health strategy session. We’ll dive deep into your health goals and lifestyle needs. We’ll talk about your food and body concerns, and where you feel like you are struggling.

Then we’ll move on to your kitchen and give it a healthy makeover! I promise, this will be fun. We’ll clean out your fridge and pantry, and give you the tools you need to buy healthy, nourishing foods for your body (and learn what foods to avoid!)

Lunch: We’ll have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. I’ll give you my secret guide to eating out, and strategies for enjoying all of the foods you love while still staying on track.

Food Shopping! Think of this like a regular shopping trip, where – instead of finding new cute outfits to try on – you’ll find new, cute, amazing foods to “try on”! This will be personalized and customized for you, so you can take all of my tips and continue to use them even after our day is over. We’ll also talk about cooking and recipes throughout our tour, and get all of your food product questions answered.

Cooking up a Storm: This is where we’ll get our hands dirty in the kitchen, turn on your favorite music, and cook a full meal together that will make your mouth water and will make you feel happy and healthy! I’ll be with you right up until serving time, and then you’ll be able to serve the yummy dishes to your friends, family or loved ones! If you want leftovers, we’ll make plenty for the days to come.

Wrap Up: Before I leave, I’ll leave you with a list of everything we talked about and recommendations so you can permanently apply the food and cooking tips to your daily life.

Grocery Store Tour

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and just had no idea what was healthy and what wasn’t? I don’t blame you – food packaging has gotten SO confusing these days! It seems as if everything is marked “healthy” or “whole grain.” If you’re interested in learning how to select truly healthy, high-quality ingredients while staying budget-friendly, and want ideas for quick and healthy meals, this tour is for you! I will help you navigate through your local grocery store one on one, and I will guide you to the most flavorful foods your store has to offer.

Corporate Wellness

As a Certified Health Coach, my services will educate your employees on how to improve their energy and focus at work, and take actions towards living a more balanced life. This can lead to a healthier, happier, more productive workplace – including decreased healthcare costs, reduced sick days, and improved retention and recruitment of top performing employees.

The following options are available to support you and your organization:

  • Group workshops and lectures
  • In-house 1:1 coaching
  • Cooking demonstrations